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Designed by SLPs, specifically for speech teletherapy.

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Our Games

We just launched our first couple of games. We're collecting feedback on how to improve them, and which games to make next!
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Flip two cards over, and remove them from the grid if they match. Customize the number of cards, choose from a growing set of articulation decks, and tightly control the flow of the game.

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Make a Pizza New!

Flip a card over to reveal a target word. Once satisfied, place some wacky toppings on the pizza! Game flow is controlled, and a large set of decks is available.

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Tell us!

Have a favorite in-person speech therapy game that you'd love to see adapted for teletherapy? Let us know, and vote for your favorites!

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Specific to your teletherapy needs

We start with speech therapy fundamentals, then adapt games so they can be effective tools for speech teletherapy.
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Feedback is welcome (and encouraged)

We are committed to continually expanding and improving our games to fit your diverse speech therapy needs.


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Our focus is on creating games that are maximally useful for speech teletherapy. We'll introduce a paid version with extra features if our costs become substantial. We will never sell your data or introduce advertising.